Trust the Lord Always // Isaiah 26:4

Today’s verse comes in a section of praise in the Book of Isaiah. The Prophet encourages us to trust God in all things, because God is eternal. This calls us to recognize that virtually everything else we must endure is not. It seems to me We The People are at an all-time low with trust in our institution. This is evident in government, media, and yep, even the church. The struggles of the world might be terrible, but they are also temporary. God is the sure thing we can always depend on and build our lives upon. We must be mindful of the things we tend to put an undue amount of trust in, though…things like power, popularity, and prosperity. As we draw closer to the pending elections, all kinds of politicians and political forces will try to convince us our trust must be in a politician, party, or platform. Nope. All of those things will fail us. So turn your trusting attention to the Lord and trust God always. He will never let you down.

July 25 Square
Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App