On Life // Jeremiah 1:5

My heart is full after the last couple days at the Hope Church Preschool. We enjoyed four separate end-of-year programs for the two and three year old classes. Then, last night, we graduated some bright and beautiful kiddos as they are ready for kindergarten. I reflected on how much these kids grew and learned over the past year as they walked across the stage. It made me think about my own kids and seeing them reach that milestone. There is nothing quite like spending so much time around children; they really have a way of sharing their infectious energy just when it’s needed most. Sure, it can be exhausting — and at times heartbreaking — but such is life, and life is infinitely better because of them.

The pic I chose for today’s scripture graphic was taken shortly after Ethan started kindergarten himself. This week he finished his sophomore year in college at Kennesaw State University (all As for four straight semesters, if you’ll permit this proud dad to brag for a moment) and it makes me wonder where all the time went. Despite all the things I’ve missed from focusing on other things from time-to-time, I’m so glad I didn’t miss his life. As God told Jeremiah from what we see in today’s Bible verse, God knew the life he would lead before he was even conceived. I know that’s true for Ethan, all the kids in the PreK, and everyone else in the world for that matter.

I can’t imagine the world without any of these dear souls in it. I pray for the world these children are living in right now and will inherit in due time. There are so many forces at work to dehumanize virtually everyone for one reason or another. That should not be. God created each and every one of us with a plan and purpose for our lives. He looks at us with the longing of a loving Father. He has dreams for how each of us will impact the world and shine the light of hope and love. Friends, may we not do anything to impede their progress now or at any time.

So, what can you do today to promote the beauty of life? Do you need to sit still for a little bit and smell the roses? Do you need to watch some children play and bask in their joy? Do you even need to experience the catharsis crying brings since pain can remind that you are alive? Whatever it is, find a way today to pause, reflect, and give thanks for the life God gave you and see how He wants the world to be a brighter place because you are in it.