Baptism // Acts 2:38

Today is Baptism Sunday in the life of the church. We will observe it at Hope Church as well. We are called to remember how Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and said it is something that should be done for righteousness sake. The baptism that John administered was one of purification and repentance. John wanted people to turn away from their sinful ways and turn toward God in preparation of the Messiah’s arrival. This is why John resisted the thought of baptizing Jesus, but Jesus told him it was necessary. It was not because Jesus needed it himself, but he wanted to model it for all those who would come after him. This leads us to consider the baptism we receive as Christians. Baptism now is about accepting the invitation to symbolically participate in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. This comes to be as we choose to “die” to our old worn out, burned out way of living; being buried with Christ as we go under the water (regardless if we are immersed or have water poured or sprinkled on our heads); and resurrected as we come out of the water and into a new life. When the Apostle Peter taught about baptism, he did so by encouraging people to repent (turn around), believe in the Gospel, and receive baptism as a sign of dying to self in order to live with Christ. Today, we will observe individuals giving their life to Jesus in baptism. We also will have an opportunity to remember our baptisms if we were already baptized. May we commit — or recommit — our lives to live for Jesus. Amen? Amen!