You-Turns Allowed // Acts 3:19

We are now in the season of Lent — that period of preparation for the glory of Easter. This is a time of reflection, repentance, and redemption. We reflect upon our mortality and sinfulness. We repent of those sins and seek forgiveness because we cannot save ourselves. We accept Jesus’ offer of salvation and are redeemed. God’s redemption restores you, enabling and inviting you to join Jesus in humanity’s rescue mission.

Repentance is the centerpiece of today’s verse. Repentance literally means to turn away from. We see in the context of today’s verse that it means to turn away from our sin — those things that separate us from God — and turn back to God. It requires us to acknowledge that we do have sin in our lives, we cannot keep going that way, and make the necessary changes to get right.

People can struggle some with the idea of repentance, often because we fear we’re too far gone. We aren’t. You aren’t. You will find God racing toward you when you make that turn back to God. It’s really quite amazing when you think about it! You-turns to God are not just allowed, but are celebrated.

Do you need to make a you-turn? This is the time to do it. Reflect over the many times you got it wrong. Repent and turn to God and you will find Him running to you. Allow the Lord to redeem and restore you for a brand new life, helping Jesus on His rescue mission for all. May your you-turned-life be a message of mercy for others seeking hope.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App