Worship! // Psalm 95:6

Happy first Sunday in December. It is the second Sunday in Advent and we are getting closer to the celebration of Christmas. All of this is to remind us that God came to us in Jesus and promises to come again. Jesus will return and take us home to heaven so we can be where He is. In the meantime, we are to ready our lives for living with God and one of the most important ways to do this is in worship. As today’s verse states, we are to worship and kneel before God our maker. I hope this strikes you today as you remember that God indeed made you, not the other way around. All too often, as we read in Romans 1:25, we slip from worshiping the Creator to the created. May we acknowledge this tendency, and on this blessed morning, commit — or recommit, if necessary — to worshipping our maker by kneeling down in humble obedience to God and God’s ways. In a few weeks, we will think about how the Magi brought their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to worship the King of Kings. God doesn’t want your trinkets or toys, just your heart. So let’s ready ourselves to worship God this morning, serving our Creator and not the created.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App