What lessons are you learning in 2022?

Psalm 90:12

A New Year for some feels like the possibilities are limitless. They really are in a sense, because nothing is impossible with God. One of the main things God wants us to understand, however, is this world is not our home. We are designed to live forever, but we tend to confuse that with how we behave on earth. Today’s verse helps us remember that life on earth is short, and God wants us to learn the necessary lessons to prepare us for eternity. But it isn’t just about learning those lessons, it’s about applying them to life in the here-and-now — the essence of wisdom. Take some time to reflect upon the lessons you have learned, are learning, and still need to learn. Put those into action and see how your heart grows in God’s love, knowledge, and wisdom. I’d love to hear more about those as 2022 unfolds. Happy New Year!