What Do You Value? // Matthew 6:19

Today’s verse comes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This particular section from Matthew 6 calls to question what we value. Christ cautioned His audience against treasuring the things that can be taken from you as opposed to that which is secure. The reality is we have an enemy whose M.O. is to steal, kill, and destroy; Jesus, on the other hand, longs to give life in abundance (John 10:10). What we must do is shift our thinking from the fallacy that our trinkets and toys are our treasures when in reality it is in our connection to our eternal Savior. Jesus wants us to treasure the things that aren’t valuable to the enemy, but in the end give us the greatest lease on life. So, what are you treasuring? Is it the abundance of the Lord or the trappings of the devil? Choose wisely and seek help if you need it.