Weightlifting for the Soul // James 1:2-3

We often talk about how stressful times produce a heaviness in life. The stress we experience is like weightlifting for the soul. The strain on mind, body, and spirit helps us grow stronger by breaking down the weaker fibers in our being so that they can recover properly. This is the metaphor that James used when writing about how our faith and perseverance develops when tested. We are reminded that God is in control, the strain helps us grow, and the recovery makes us stronger. We don’t like trials in life, but they do help us grow in strength and stamina. So remember the fitness formula when you’re experiencing the trials of life: exercise the appropriate faith muscles; let them grow with the time under tension; and ensure you get the proper time for recovery. This will help you grow strong in the Lord and ready your life for eternity.

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Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App