To Position and Propel // John 15:26

Do you believe in Jesus as God’s one and only Son who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29)? Do you believe those sins keep you from living into the purpose God has for you? Do you believe God made you to make a difference? Those help frame the gist of the questions I ask people when they come to faith in Christ. Today we see that we have a whole new power by which to live life when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. I ask, “Do you believe that Jesus sends you the Holy Spirit to help you live for God?” That might be an overly simple way to state the immense, and mysterious, power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit, also known as the Helper, Advocate, and Comforter works within us to convict us of our sin and to convince us to life for the Lord. The Spirit does this by continuously revealing to us what is true and nurdging us to share our faith in Christ with others. Jesus used the wind as a metaphor for the Spirit in John 3 when He shared that we can’t see the wind, but we can see the effects of the wind. It also works like the breeze that fills the sail on a ship to propel it. Of course, the ship must be heading in the proper direction, and sail positioned properly. The great news is part of the Holy Spirit’s work is to do both tasks simultaneously. So, will you trust the Holy Spirit to position you where God needs you and to propel you accordingly? Will you also trust the Holy Spirit to give you the words you need so you can share your hope in Jesus…the very Word of God in the flesh…with those who need Him? I pray you will make yourself available to help the Spirit make God’s love known.