To Be Found // Luke 19:10

Today’s verse speaks to Jesus’ self-proclaimed mission statement: “The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” This reminds me of a time I lost my keys, which I NEVER do. I turned the house upside-down looking for them; after all, keys represent access, right? They open different kinds of doors from my home, the church, my office, various closets in both locations, and even my car. Then, speaking of my car, it won’t start without my keys. Keys represent access and power; therefore, my search wasn’t passive, but urgent. I was not stopping until I held the keys in my hand. Yes, I found them, and when I did, I felt a wash of excitement and relief.

I wonder if Jesus feels the same way when we allow ourselves to be found? We can’t really hide from God, but we definitely try, don’t we? Don’t believe me, think back to Adam and Eve trying to hide from God after their fall in Eden (Genesis 3:8-9). God knew what happened, but wanted to give the couple a chance to come forward and fess up to what they did. This applies to all of us still today. No one is immune. Jesus knows the problems we have in our lives. He seeks us out with urgency regardless. We might try to hide, but those attempts are futile at best.

Jesus longs to hold you in the palm of His hand to celebrate your finding (John 10:27-28). This is precisely why He came for us in the first place…why He came for all! Will you allow yourself to be found today?