There is Always Hope // 1 Peter 3:15

We are nearing Holy Week and will use this space to reflect on some of the key messages and lessons. As we consider today’s verse from 1 Peter 3:15, I am struck by how both Peter and Judas notoriously had episodes where they turned their backs on Jesus. The rest of their lives were radically different because of the decisions they made about coming back to the Lord. I think this is one of the many things that fueled Peter’s later statement that we read in today’s verse about revering Christ as Lord and always being prepared to give an answer as to why he had the hope that he did. That hope, my friend, is how Jesus forgave Peter’s actions, redeemed his sin, restored their relationship, and sent him back out to let others know there is always hope. Judas never gave Jesus that chance and took his own life as a result. Just imagine what Judas’ testimony could have been had he taken the same chance that Peter did to go back to Jesus and experience the life-altering love of God.

Every single one of us is guilty of denying and betraying Jesus with our lives. There is incredible hope in knowing that we are never too far gone to be saved. The messes we make can become the message of salvation if we allow Jesus to work within us as He longs to do. So, let’s begin this day by reflecting on how Jesus gave us an example of service, sacrifice, and salvation, despite the awful things we’ve done. There is always hope, so may we live our lives accordingly!

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