The Way // Isaiah 40:3

Today we begin the second week of Advent as we seek to prepare our lives for the glory of Christmas. Today’s verse comes from Isaiah 40:3 as we see we are to make our path straight to go God’s way. What is interesting to me is how contextually this verse appears as a way to bring comfort to Jerusalem. We see today’s verse also appear in the ministry of John the Baptist who came to prepare the way for Jesus’ public ministry. John the Baptist’s message wasn’t as much about comfort as it was conviction. John wanted people to turn away from their sin-riddled lives and turn to God. Jesus taught about how the way to God is narrow whereas the way to destruction is broad. That might feel restrictive for some, but I promise it is anything but; in fact, Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and all can come to God through Him. What we see is Jesus is the Way that leads us straight to God, and yes, there are times it feels like we’re traversing a desert, but God’s will is for us to experience the luxury of eternity with Him. So, as we get ready to gather in God’s house, let’s aim to make our way straight and realize that’s exactly where we’ll find Christ!