The Unshakable Love of God // Isaiah 54:10

Fred Rogers once said, “A love of learning has a lot to do with learning that we are loved.” That is foundational to our human experience. Some of the most important moments in a person’s life come right after birth as we open our eyes and see the faces behind the voices heard in utero. The cuddling, feeding, eye contact, and care become the foundational lessons to learn we are important. Sadly this isn’t the case for everyone. It is possible to help lay those foundations later in life, but it is frighteningly difficult. Something else we must come to know as we grow is there is One who loves us more than anyone could possibly conceive — GOD! Our human relationships can falter and shake us to the core. As today’s verse from Isaiah tells us, even when everything around us is falling apart, we will never fall out of God’s loving hand. Never. And now that we are under a new covenant — salvation that comes to us through the forgiveness of sin thanks to Jesus — we can be assured that God’s hand is unshakable. So. If you are feeling shaken today, trust in the unshakable love of the Lord! May that be the lesson you learn that helps you know regardless of what you face, you never face it alone.