The Extraordinary Rock // Psalm 18:2

Rocks are common in the Bible. They were used offensively, like when David defeated Goliath. They were erected as an altar to show how God moved for His people. The geography is quite rocky and the caves provided places to hide, fortresses during battles, tombs for burials, and as structures for homes. Rocks could be used for communication; such as the tablets upon which God wrote the 10 Commandments. Rocks were even used as a vehicle for miracles as Moses struck a rock to give water to the people. 1 Corinthians 10:4 gives a unique telling of all the ways rocks played out through the story of redemption as the Apostle Paul said “that rock was Christ.” Wow! We see God used the familiarity of a rock to show up and show out repeatedly for His people. I don’t know that all of the connected aspects of rocks are depicted any more clearly than when Paul went on to write in Ephesians 2 about how God’s children are welcomed into the Lord’s forever family, built on the foundation of Jesus. I think this gives a great way for us to think about Christ as the preeminent Rock of God. He is the foundation of life. That foundation gives us a stable structure to live, find protection, and worship. Sometimes the Rock is used to defeat an enemy. Sometimes the Rock is used to perform a miracle. Rocks might be common but they are far from ordinary; in fact, when viewed through the lens of faith, they are quite extraordinary! I hope as you go through your day and you might happen upon a rock that you think of all the ways God wants you to know Him, His love, and His purpose.

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Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App