The King of Glory // Psalms 24:10

God is the King of Glory! When you ready about glory in the Bible I want you think about the tangible and personal experience of God’s presence. It’s all about those times when you knew there was more than what you could pass off as coincidence. I know I have experienced it during holy moments in worship, finding awe in nature, discovering a unique connection with another, and learning something new about the Lord and His ways. I get tingles all over my body and the best way I can describe that feeling is transcendent. It’s as though I’m having an out-of-body experience while I’m very much present. It’s amazing!

As we see from the Bible, God is the King of those experiences. No one and no thing can compare. People apart from a personal relationship with God can scarcely comprehend it. Even then there are those times people discern they are in the presence of something — or SOMEONE — beyond description. God is weaving you and me into His eternal tapestry and He gives you those clues to help emphasize that there is more to life than just the fleeting moments we get to experience or have to endure.

God IS the King of Glory. How do you experience that royalty? How is God beckoning you out of a common life to show you the things that exceed the extraordinary? Look for those moments. If you have any questions or particular experiences you’d like to share, please do! Comment below or send me an email at

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Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App