Take that Next Best Step // Ecclesiastes 11:13

Today’s verse gives us a great reminder to fear and obey God. This is not the kind of fear where we shrink in terror, but the kind of healthy loving respect a child has for a parent. Ultimately, Solomon (the writer of Ecclesiastes) implies that we already know what we need to do, we just need to do it. Can you relate? Then, Solomon concluded Ecclesiastes with a reminder that God knows our underlying motivations and will bring them to light in due time. Friends, this is the reminder and the reason we need to align our belief and behavior. You might think that you don’t know enough yet, but that’s no excuse. You know the basics — love God and love people — so start there. Then, trust the Lord to lead, guide, and direct you where you need to go in order to do the next best thing. Jesus’ disciples didn’t exactly know what they should do after He ascended back into heaven, but they knew that Jesus’ promised to be with them and send the Holy Spirit for support. The same is true for you and me. So let’s get to it. Take that first step and trust God to direct your next one, loving Him and obeying His teaching which is all boiled down to one word: LOVE!