Superman Day // Isaiah 40:31

Happy Superman Day…you know I’m ready to celebrate! Superman Day is relatively new, declared by Warner Brothers in 2013 to coincide with the release of the movie, “Man of Steel”. Superman is my favorite hero and has been my entire life. I’ve always loved the story and how such a powerful being could be the champion of humanity. Christopher Reeve said something beautiful about Superman which I think is important to share: “What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely.” It reminds me of what a seminary professor once said in one of my preaching classes, “God’s greatest power is in restraint” (Fred Craddock).

Superman is what’s known as a Christ figure. Superman isn’t perfect or all powerful, but unmistakable elements of the character are intended to inspire thoughts of Jesus. Looking at Superman’s Kryptonian name is a great place to start. Kal-El in Hebrew translates into English as God of light, or perhaps more accurately as, voice of God. Ring any bells? Jesus is known as the Word of God and the Light of God (John 1:1-5). Zack Snyder was very deliberate in depicting Superman with all kinds of Jesus imagery in his “Man of Steel” film. One aspect I specifically appreciate is how Kal-El learns — and then later shares with Lois Lane — how the crest he wears on his chest means, hope.

I chose Isaiah 40:31 as today’s verse, which can be read in its entirety in the graphic below. Reflect upon what Isaiah wrote that we will receive if we place our trust, hope, and faith in the Lord: new strength, the ability to soar, speed, and endurance as we walk and run. Sound familiar? These aren’t just the powers Kal-El has because of our yellow sun…no, they are available to us all thanks to God’s Son…our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!

If you’re looking for some hope on this Superman Day, don’t look for blue spandex or red boots and a cape; no, look to Jesus. Jesus is the One given for you and me to place our hope and experience the gift of new life. Trust Jesus and you will find a strength you never imagined, the ability to soar above the problems of this world, and the endurance to walk and/or run to the heavenly prize which is Jesus Christ our Lord (Philippians 3:13-15).

So how ’bout it? Let’s turn to Jesus to find our hope, enjoy power beyond comprehension, and to say regardless of whatever evil throws our way today, “Up, up, and away!” He longs to be your hope and strength and help you know that even you can be super for our lost and weary world when he lives in, for, and through you.

Background Image Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes