Strength and Protection // 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Today’s verse contextually come directly after the Apostle Paul asked for prayer that he will be delivered from evil people. He acknowledged that there are people seeking to do harm to people of faith. That still amazes me, but you know that it’s true. Evil is so disgusted by good that a tactic it adopted is to convince people that good things are actually bad. Crazy, huh? The forces of evil might try to convince you that you have no hope or help in the face of what feels like overwhelming circumstances, but God wants you to remember that the Lord will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one. It is true that this does not mean you are immune from harm; no, there are untold numbers of martyrs throughout history, but what it does mean is your eternal salvation is secure. This is why Jesus wants to make you strong. Even in the times you must stand against something that feels hopeless, He can be your hope. Jesus IS faithful and will guard you from the evil one. Again, this doesn’t mean you won’t get singed by evil in the here-and-now, but it does mean you won’t burn forever.