Shifting Shadows // James 1:17

My Millie is getting big and strong enough to go out on walks with me now. It is good for our relationship as we help her burn off some of her seemingly unending energy. Things went well the first couple times we struck out into our neighborhood, but one day in particular was a struggle. She kept wanting to dart into the street and I couldn’t figure out why. I decided to give her a little extra space to see if I could see what she wanted to chase. It turns out she was mesmerized by our shadows cast into the street. I changed directions to put the sun at our backs and was able to get her to focus on what was ahead of; in fact, I snapped the pic for our scripture graphic to show how intent she was to chase the shadow.

We do that a lot in life, don’t we? We chase shadows and often put ourselves at risk. Our verse from the day reminds us that the good things come from God who is the Father of the heavenly lights. God does not shift like the shadows do when we change direction, primarily because He IS the light. It’s the things we chase and put between us and the Lord that cause the shadows we endure in life.

God wants to build a life saving relationship with you. He is the one who shines perpetually and sends His Holy Spirit to try and help keep on the path. We are to follow Spirit and heed its prodding. So, if you find yourself chasing shadows today, try following God’s Spirit. Allow Him to lead and prod you appropriately so you are always going the Lord’s way.