Run with Purpose // 1 Corinthians 9:26

Today is the 10th annual RACE for the Orphans. Tiffany, Ethan, my mom, and I will be joined by many friends for this annual event. It is a 5k that helps raise funds to support families with the cost of adoption. We were recipients of a generous grant when we brought Mia home, and we were selected this year as we work on bringing home our next child.

RACE for the Orphans stands for raising awareness, compassion, and education for orphans. The first RACE in which I participated was actually my first 5k race. I thoroughly enjoyed it! There were times I didn’t think I could run more than three miles without a break, but I did it! I repeatedly felt like stopping during that race, but I committed to run with a purpose. I thought about Mia the entire time around the course. The next year we were able to have Mia in attendance! I didn’t run then, rather pushed her in a stroller. I returned to the RACE last year, but decided to participate in the “Mia’s Mile,” the event that bears the name of our late daughter. I will again participate in the Mia’s Mile this morning and think about the brother or sister the good Lord is planning to bring to our home and his or her forever family.

I hope whatever is on your agenda for the day you will find a way to do it with purpose. I’ll be running for our child as well as all the orphans in the world longing for the hope and help of family. Jesus promised the disciples that He would not leave them as orphans (John 14:18) and it is up to us to help find those who do not know the love of family. Will you run with purpose today? Whether you’re running in a race or just running errands, express the love of God you’ve experienced so everyone can be part of God’s forever family!

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