R&R with Jesus // Revelation 3:20

Today’s verse is so meaningful to me. I love the image of Jesus standing at the door of my heart and knocking, waiting on the invitation to come inside. We see that once Jesus enters, He comes in to share a meal. That is a very important detail. The idea of sitting and sharing a meal speaks to a relationship. Just think about the conversations you could have with Jesus over a dish of your favorite food! But there is something else I want to mention. Sharing a meal together in biblical times was (and still is in many Middle Eastern cultures) a sign of reconciliation…a way to express forgiveness for past problems and restore a broken connection. What we see is Jesus desires R&R with you when you welcome Him into your heart — reconciliation and relationship.

Jesus is knocking on the door to your heart. Can you hear Him? Will you pretend like no one is home, or will you welcome Him in? He longs to sit together, share a meal, and prove you are ok together, regardless whatever happened in your past. I pray you make the decision to welcome Him in, receive the reconciliation He longs to give, and enjoy the relationship for which you were always designed.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App