Remain // John 15:4

I’ve read this verse many times and tend to focus on the fruit. When I read it today, though, the word, remain, really struck me. The simple meaning of remain points to the things that continue to be, even — if not especially — after other things once there ceased to exist. I cannot help but think of this in terms of what’s happening in our culture. Folks, let’s face it, evil is on the move. It’s M.O. is generally to deceive people into feeling overwhelmed and then quit. So when Jesus talks about remaining in Him, the gist comes down to not quitting when you otherwise might feel so inclined. It can feel discouraging when you see others who were once connected decide on their own to leave, but Jesus encourages us not to. He wants us to stay on the vine in the midst of the terrible heat being thrust upon the world. Those who do are on one hand ripening (or becoming more mature in Him) and on the other are receiving the life-sustaining support and nourishment from the vine. Ultimately, Jesus is sharing with you everything you need to not just survive in these precarious times, but to thrive. And your thriving might just encourage someone else not to fall away when the times get tough. So don’t quit. Persist. Remain. Do it in, and for, our Lord Jesus Christ!

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App