Sleepy? // Psalm 4:8

What disturbs your sleep? What causes you to toss and turn? I don’t necessarily mean being too warm or too cold, but the anxious thoughts that keep your wheels spinning. Is it money? Health? Work? School? Time or lack thereof? Family? I think we all have at least one thing that can keep us up at night.

King David had plenty, too. He felt betrayal of friends and family. He himself was guilty of a betrayal trying to cover up a sin. He was responsible for a nation and had all the stress that goes along with being a political, military, and even on some levels a religious leader. It was his relationship with God through it all that kept him able to find some peace. As today’s verse states, it is God alone who helped David sleep in peace and quiet amongst all the threats he faced.

I like to pray when I find it hard to sleep and want to recommend that to you as well. I recall a chat once where someone felt badly for falling asleep before saying, “amen.” I get it…that happens to me most of the time, too. Still, I think God is ok with being the last thought on your racing mind before slipping away into rest. Maybe, just maybe, the Holy Spirit itself whispers the gentlest “amen” on our behalf as our bodies give way from stress to sleep.

So, if you find yourself needing help to lie down and sleep, try prayer. It’s so much better than counting sheep, because in prayer, you’re spending time with the Good Shepherd Himself; the same who wants to watch over you so you can rest and recover your energy.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App