Loving Friends // Proverbs 17:17

“Friends always show their love.” That’s a sweet sentiment, isn’t it? A true friend does indeed, even when showing love is tough. Ephesians 4:15 instructs us to speak the truth in love, but emphasizes this has a purpose: to help us be more like Jesus and fit into His body; i.e., the Church. I am sure you’re familiar with tough love — the idea that there are times we must acknowledge the right thing can also be the hard thing. A true friend doesn’t shy away from speaking love, even when the loving truth might sting. How have you experienced this in the past? Have you savored it or shied away from it? Both is undoubtedly true. So whatever you must do today to be a true friend, make sure you do it in, and out of, love!

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App