Prosperity // Proverbs 11:25

It’s pretty typical when thinking about prosperity to consider what someone has achieved or acquired. God wants us to think about it differently. Today’s verse out of the Proverbs reveals that prosperity has more to do with what you can give than what you can get. God’s economy takes a different view of value, too. The amount isn’t as critical as the attitude in which it’s given. That doesn’t let us off the hook for generosity, though; otherwise we could feel a lot by giving a little. The attitude that God wants you to have is one that acknowledges God is the source of everything and He wants you to be a conduit of grace. Whether you think your blessings are mini or many, you’re right. So, what do you need to do today to realize that prosperity isn’t about what you can get but give? How can you use your myriad of blessings to bless others? Let’s do it…let’s gooo!

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App