Prosper // Joshua 1:8

God wants you to prosper. Unfortunately, we tend to think of prosperity almost exclusively in financial terms. Whereas making money can be a result of prosperity, that is not the full understanding. Prosperity is defined as success in an enterprise or activity; to become strong and flourishing. That is so much more than accumulating wealth, isn’t it?

Today’s verse points to God’s teaching as the source of prosperity and success. Living well with God and others is at the heart of God’s Law when you reduce it to the most basic level. Obeying God and living peacefully with others in honor and integrity will bring about success in any endeavor. If it doesn’t, you might want to rethink that endeavor.

God wants you to think on His precepts and principles constantly; things like hope, love, grace, mercy, service, forgiveness, and reconciliation. You will find success in your activities, become strong, and flourish in many aspects of life when you live the way of the Lord. Corner-cutting, back-stabbing, and walking over others is not the way to success. Let’s rather seek to love as God first loved us and see how that works to change the world, beginning with your very life.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App