On Patience // 2 Peter 3:9

Today’s verse causes us to think about the nature of patience. We read from Peter that the delays people experienced then (and us today, too, for that matter) isn’t God breaking His promise, but exhibiting His patience. God wants everyone to be saved and is patiently waiting for the perfect time to return. Considering God’s timing is always perfect, it will be perfect when He does return.

We can misunderstand patience. Dr. Gregory Jantz identified several things that patience is and what it is not. His list forces me to think about my patience in light of Gods patience…believe me, there is a BIG difference. I think it’s a great list and I want to share it with you…

Patience is not apathy, surrender, static, or impossible.

Patience is optimistic expectation. It is based on the end and not the beginning. Patience helps you take a long view of life, fueling you with wisdom and giving you a calm response to life to whatever life throws your way.

How do you look at these observations? God wants us all to come to repentance and I imagine you can take Dr. Jantz’s list and see a godly expectation for how you should live life in this day and age. Take an optimistic expectation that Jesus will return. Realize He is leading you toward the end and covers you with grace between now and then. Jesus takes a long view knowing eternity and wants you to do the same. This is wise, otherwise you’ll get wrapped up in the gap between potential and realty. Looking at life as so can keep you calm when the craziness of life emerges…and it will.

So, how will you take this view of patience into your day? How might that encourage you in the face of whatever you might encounter?

Photo Credit: KCIS Radio