On Chalices and Commodes // Exodus 20:8

God wants us to rest. That’s been a recurring theme in our recent verses of the day. Remember that the word holy means to be set apart and uncorrupted from common use. I think about the Communion chalice that Tiffany bought for me when I was first ordained a minister of the Gospel. It’s precious to me and it has a place of honor on a shelf in my study. I only pull it out when we serve Holy Communion. That is its dedicated purpose. There have been times our PreK students have put things in the commodes at the church that don’t belong there. I have used cups to fish out things from the toilets in the past, but I would NEVER use my Communion chalice! It is set apart for a holy purpose and not to be used for such a task, even if it’s in service to God through the church. I hope you see your life as even more precious to God! He purchased your salvation with the blood of Jesus and wants you fit to serve. To do that we must be ready, and those Jesus rhythms help us prepare in advance as well as recover after the fact. So, remember to keep the Sabbath holy! It’s a gift from the Lord so we can use our lives as gifts for God. Don’t fill your (re)connection time with God, others, and creation with common things that corrupt the purpose.