National Law Day // Matthew 5:17

Today is National Law Day; a day set aside to consider how important the law is for establishing and preserving civilization. I could go on and on about the apparent drifting of culture away from law and order, but I’d rather spend the energy in this space reflecting on the importance of the Law. There are more than 30,000 statues in the US Legal Code, but they are based on ten…the 10 Commandments exist as the foundation for our legal system. They are essentially broken down into two categories that instruct us on how we are to relate to God and others. Our verse for today comes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount where He declared that He came to fulfill the Law as opposed to abolish it. The point He was making shows us the original intent of the Law was to prove the Law does not grant salvation but was God’s tool to reveal our sinfulness and bring us to repentance, by pointing us to Christ. Jesus, as God in the flesh, shows us the perfect relationship between God, self, and others. He then gave us the poignant teaching that love is God’s Law (Mark 12:30) and God’s imperative for us to reveal not just who we are, but whose we are (John 13:34-35). So, as we think about how Jesus reveals the power and purpose of God’s love in our lives, how will you observe National Law Day? Don’t just ignore it, but find a way to point someone to Jesus today.