National Find A Rainbow Day // Genesis 9:13

Today is National Find A Rainbow Day, a day set aside for people to take some time and look for the natural beauty in a rainbow. People of faith know that a rainbow is much more than just a meteorological phenomena, though; it is a symbol of God’s promise. You see, God put a rainbow in the clouds after the great flood as a reminder that He would not destroy the world again via flood. The flood was necessary because people were so corrupt and the evil on display broke God’s heart (Genesis 6:6). God wiped almost every living thing off the earth except for Noah, Noah’s family, and two of each animal…that way, repopulating the earth could be done naturally. We see so much evidence around even today that sin remains in the world. God made another promise that went along with the rainbow, which was to deal with humanity’s sin another way…JESUS!

I think it’s something else for us to observe Find A Rainbow Day on this Monday of Holy Week. The forecast isn’t favorable for us to see a rainbow in the clouds today, but I think we do ourselves a lot of good to realize that Jesus fulfilled God’s covenant with the earth. That word, covenant, means a relational and binding promise working toward a common goal. That common goal is the salvation of humanity, not our destruction despite our ongoing corruption and creative ways to visit evil on others. Jesus took our sin and shame to the cross so we can be reclaimed to God. His declaration that “It is finished!” on the cross points to the completion of God’s goal. We don’t have to hunt for it, work for it, or manufacture it; no, all we must do is accept it.

This is now God’s promise, that anyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be saved (Roman’s 10:13). You will not find your Hope or salvation in a rainbow, just the person of Jesus. Will you turn to Him today? God promised that we will find Him when we seek Him with our whole heart. So let’s get to it shall we?

Photo Credit: The Christian Institute