Foundations // Matthew 7:24

Have you ever built a sandcastle too close to the surf? What happens? When the waves come in, it washes away all the work you did. Sometimes it’s fun, but more often it’s frustrating. Most of the time I wasn’t finished when this happened to me. This speaks pretty clearly into this object lesson Jesus gave toward the end of His Sermon on the Mount. He talked about those who listened to Him and either put His words into practice or did not. Those who did were like a builder who used rock for a sturdy foundation, and those who did not tried to build their lives on sand. The thing about building on sand is it’s definitely cheaper and probably easier to work with in the beginning. The problem is will not hold together when the elements come. The same is true for our lives. We can probably get by for a little while on easy pop psychology that says “if it feels good do it,” but there is no stability in that foundation whatsoever. On the other hand, the radical life change that Jesus longs to bring might seem costly at first in terms of relationships, hobbies, cravings, or temptations, BUT, aligning our lives with God’s principles and precepts is the only way to live in this crazy, mixed-up world. So, upon what foundation are you building your life? Is it maybe a little tough but sturdy, or easy and flimsy? Choose wisely and relocate if necessary. Yes, it might present some challenges, but you sure will be glad when the storm surge finally reaches the places you hoped it never would.