Make Your Choice // Joshua 24:15

Well friends, we’ve almost made it. We are mere hours away from the airwaves being cleared of political commercials…that is if the various candidates can achieve the requisite threshold to avoid a runoff. It’s been so full of hyperbole, rhetoric, and demagoguery…so exhausting! As it’s time to make your choice (understanding that you, like me, might have taken advantage of early voting) I hope you are placing your hope where it belongs — the Lord your God. Sure there are things about politicians and platforms that will motivate people, but my prayer is you make your choice based on faith and not fear. This reminds me of what Joshua told the people as they arrived in the Promised Land: choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15, NKJV). When you think about it, an election isn’t an ending, but the beginning of a process. It is time for the leaders to lead as servants who serve. We will see if the promises made were as strong or flimsy as the intention they were to be implemented. This is precisely why people of faith are encouraged to pray for our leaders, and not just the ones we like. Pray for strength, wisdom, health, and follow-through. Or, pray for the strength, wisdom, and heart to change and follow God. Regardless, it comes down to We the People. It’s our choice. So, I pray that you choose to serve the Lord today as you make your choice and cast your vote in this election. Then, pray for our servant leaders, hold them accountable, and continue to strive to make Jesus known. This is how we can choose this day whom we will serve. May it be the Lord!