Love Your Enemies // Matthew 5:44

I bet you’re familiar that adversity doesn’t build character, but reveals it. That doesn’t exactly comport with Scripture, because there is evidence that we all are to learn from our mistakes, conflicts, and reconciliation. This is brought front-and-center in my spirit this morning as I think about today’s verse. Jesus taught that the way we react or respond when confronted with our haters can say an awful lot about us. Are we retaliatory? Are we understanding? Are we graceful? Do we shrink away? One of the greatest challenges we face in the balance between our temporal flesh and eternal soul is how do we love those who hate us. Does it sting for you? It does for me. I imagine there’s a face, circumstance, conversation, or something that might be causing your blood pressure to rise, even just a bit. So let’s take a few moments and turn to Jesus right now to ask for His help. Even past failures can lead to future success. Thank the LORD for forgiveness, mercy, and grace. Amen? Amen.