Love Neighbor // Galatians 5:14

The sentiment in today’s verse is common in the Bible: love your neighbor as yourself. The context in which you’ll find today’s verse deals with divisions and freedom — things we seem to be consumed with currently. Paul warned the early Jesus followers about not letting our differences turn into divisions. He went on to recognize how we all have complete freedom thanks to Jesus’ victory, but we cannot use our freedom to satisfy our sinful nature or hold anyone else back or down; rather, freedom is for service! That is the sentiment that leads directly into our verse about loving neighbor as self. In other words, it draws a direct connection from living loving lives of unity, freedom, and service as a result of salvation.

So, as you get ready to tackle today, I want you to do a quick self assessment. Is there anyone with whom you need to address a divisive barrier? Do you need to rethink your idea of freedom from self indulgence to sacrificial service? Allow the powerful promise of salvation to change the way you see yourself, your neighbor, and our common connection to and thru Jesus.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App