Light of the World // John 8:12

Jesus IS the Light of the World! I have this as my Facebook cover photo, on my cell phone case, and I wear this on my favorite t-shirts as well as tattooed on my shoulder. This verse became person to me when I was walking through the darkest period in my life following the death of our daughter. Dear friends brought a birthday card to us Mia signed and it has a sun with the letters in her name out of order so it read, “I AM.” I felt it was a message of hope from God as soon as I saw it. I still do. Jesus is the light and longs to walk with us regardless of what causes the darkness in our life. For some this darkness comes by no fault of your own. For others, the darkness is self-inflicted darkness. He wants to walk with you regardless. That is helpful for the victims and hopeful for those who cause the hurt. So, whatever you have to walk through today, follow Jesus and find the light of life. Then, keep it close so you’ll never forget the light that shines perpetually.