Keep Going // Psalm 23:4

Today’s verse is one of the most important ones for me. The 23rd Psalm is one of the most loved in all the Scriptures, mainly because it reflects the realities in which we live. All too often, we act as though our faith should vaccinate us against difficulties in the world. When we face them, we can begin to wonder or worry if we missed something. Psalm 23:4 points out the fact that we will encounter several dark valleys in life, but we do not face them alone. This is especially true when we go through our darkest one. The thing is, we never know if the valley we are traveling is indeed the darkest one, or if it’s not, whether we have already endured it, or if there is a darker one yet to come. Fretting over such things can paralyze us if we allow. We must not! Rather, what we must do, is focus more on our traveling party than the terrain. Friend, please do not let the significance of that pass you by. For God goes with you in that dark valley to comfort you and cheer you on to the other side. Believe it. Let it put a spring in your step. Above all, may it motivate you to keep going! I want to close with a favorite quote from Sir Winston Churchill, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” And as you go, keep going with God!

July 27 Square
Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App