Jesus Saves! // John 3:17

Do you have any regrets you can’t seem to shake? Is there something in your past you fear will disqualify you from eternity with God? There is some serious good news in the Gospel in Jesus’ mission to save us from our sin. We need not be perfect to come to Jesus, and that’s a relief, isn’t it? Especially since no one is perfect. Jesus came not to condemn you because of your sin, but to save you from your sin! The devil doesn’t want you knowing that, so he will try to get you to think you’re too far gone. That isn’t the case…ever! The devil knows your name but prefers to call you by your sin. God knows your sin but prefers to call you by your name. Trust the saving work of the Lord and accept His ability and desire to save you and not condemn you.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App