Humble & Gentle // Ephesians 4:2

What comes to mind when you hear you need to be humble and gentle? For many, it means being passive and unobtrusive. That isn’t exactly right, though. There is an oft-used quote that says humility isn’t thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. Gentleness means strength under control. Think about how those two work together; especially as they are presented in today’s verse. This is an emotional posture that helps us remember our place in relation to others, including God. We must be patient with others while realizing they are struggling to be patient with us. That’s quite a thought, huh? It’s essential as we know the main goal of life with the Lord is to love God with all we have and are as well as to love our neighbor like we love self. So, as we kick off this day, let’s think of ways we can meet others where they are and seek to build them up in Jesus. Let’s keep our strength under control like we must when holding something extremely delicate in our hands…after all, considering the condition of our culture, we are all pretty vulnerable. And let’s make every effort to get along with others knowing they are likely struggling to do the same with you and me. How ’bout it? Let’s go!