Hope, Joy, and Prayer // Romans 12:12

Today’s verse is found contextually in a section that encourages people to live a life of faith in all kinds of circumstances. Paul encouraged his readers in the preceding verse to keep a zealous attitude for God and serving Him fervently. It’s easy for us to feel like doing so when things are going well, but that does not always depict the authenticity of our faith. This is precisely why Paul followed up that encouragement by saying we must be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. These are instructions that are good for all people in all times; especially the hard ones. Hope is the belief that God’s way wins in the end, so we can be joyful in whatever we face. Patience helps us endure the afflictions we face until God’s way comes in final victory. And prayer helps us stay connected to God in our good days and bad. We need all three: joy, patience, and prayer. So, how are you doing with those? Are you joyful only in good times? Are you patient only when you get your way? Are you faithful only when times are easy? Learn to embrace God’s plan for your life to find a patient hope, faithfully stoked in relationship with God and others.