Hope beyond the Horror // Matthew 26:38

This is a hard verse. The context is when Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane just prior to His arrest. He was in agony as He felt the weight of the world’s sin descend upon Him, the sting of betrayal by a friend among His group, and knowing what was to come. He never experienced such stress, and as Luke 22:44 states, blood mixed in with His sweat; a condition known as, hematohidrosis.

There was a time when I found this verse hard to comprehend because of Jesus’ omniscience and omnipotence. It became clearer to me the kind of agony caused by grief when our daughter died. I never knew a pain so intense. I found myself saying that I just wanted it to end. What as “it”? The grief-induced agony that shattered me. I felt that for one, but Jesus felt it for everyone! Hebrew 12:2 tells us that Jesus was able to endure because of the joy He felt knowing it — His suffering — would lead to our salvation. Jesus was able to see beyond the current horror to the promised hope. Philippians 2:2 points to the reality that love for others completes our joy. That is what helped me emerge from “it,” rediscover my God-given purpose, and recommit me life to it.

Friend, this can help you, too, if the burden you are currently bearing feels more horrible than hopeful. Jesus held on in joy, knowing that love would carry Him through. The same is true for you and me, too. May we hold on in love, knowing enduring our mourning does indeed bring joy in the proverbial morning (Psalm 30:5). Your soul may feel sorrowful to the point of death today, but know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is hope beyond the horror. THIS is the promise of Easter fulfilled. Thank you, Jesus!

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Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App