Healing // Exodus 15:26

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at our PreK chapel service. The theme was how God is the One who heals us, particularly in Jesus’ healing miracles. I passed out band-aids to the kids since practically every child loves a band-aid. We talked about how the pressure of the bandage helps relive the pain, it keeps wounds clean, and helps promote healing more quickly. BUT, bandages don’t heal us, do they? Nope! We are designed by God to heal; therefore, God does the healing. I remain astounded at how our bodies do what they do when it comes to healing…the way certain processes activate to clot blood, scab over, and regrow skin. It amazes me, but what also amazes me is it isn’t me. Make sense? In other words, I can’t think myself into, or out of, healing. God does it. So, if you have a boo boo or owie today, know that God is already on it. This is part of His created order, despite how sin corrupted everything. Trust Him as the One who heals; after all, He declared it Himself. Amen? Amen!