God’s Great VAT of Grace // Proverbs 12:25

Oh, how true are the words found in today’s verse? Worry definitely weighs down a person, doesn’t it? Worry is a weight we were never designed to carry, which is why Jesus told us not to worry. The word, worry, means to have a divided mind where you have little-to-no focus on what’s truly important. Yeah, I worry over little things like politics and ballgames, but that just scratches the surface. Deep down I tend to worry if I’m a failure, up to the tasks before me, or if my life will ultimately have meaning as a son, husband, father, brother, pastor, or friend. I know much of those worries are caused by the sulfuric nothings of the accuser/enemy/devil. I also know how meaningful it is when I receive encouraging feedback that I’m ok even when my behavior or performance belies the notion. The reality is we all need that encouragement, don’t we? We all need to be reminded of God’s great vat of grace, that covers our we are valued, accepted, and transferred from the dominion of darkness into God’s wonderful light. We all can share encouragement and help build up people when worry weights them down thanks to God’s love for us in Christ. Let’s focus on Jesus; dive into God’s great vat of grace remembering we are valued, accepted, and transformed; and show others how they can find it, too. So, let’s get out there and do it, shall we?