God is in Charge // Psalm 147:5

The Hope Kids had a fantastic start to MONUMENTAL VBS yesterday, learning about our AWESOME GOD! Today we continue and think about how God is in Charge. The story of Joseph from Genesis provides the backdrop for our journey this week. Today the kids are learning about how Joseph experienced some things that would cripple almost anybody, but it pointed to the primary lesson he needed to learn.

Joseph’s life, if you were to draw it as a line diagram, looked kind of like an EKG report. There were definitive peaks and valleys that look like the canyons throughout the church facilities. God used both to prepare him for the monumental task of saving the Israelites from the upcoming famine. His brothers faked his death and sold him into slavery. The wife of the man he served made a pass at him, and he resisted it. Potiphar’s wife said some untrue things, and Joseph was banished to prison. It was there when Pharaoh’s baker and cup bearer encountered encountered Joseph and presented him a set of dreams that would predict the future.

Joseph never lost sight of the fact that his AWESOME GOD was in charge, just as he is today. Joseph did not let the hard things he faced keep him from the faith he needed to deal with life’s calamities. That is such a massive lesson we all need to learn. All too often we fear that the bad things that happen to us mean that we are outside of God’s will. It might just mean that we are right where we are supposed to be, held by our AWESOME GOD. God uses our peaks and valleys alike to prep us for representing Him anywhere and everywhere.

“How great is our Lord! His power is absolute” (Psalm 147:5)! Joseph learned this lesson to prepare him for monumental things and the same is true for you and me. So let’s follow Joseph’s example and find strength even when it’s hard. Our AWESOME GOD is in charge, so trust Him.