Give Thanks // Psalm 9:1

I love how the signs of fall are all around us now. From the cool mornings to the fire-like colors consuming the trees. We are also nearing the wonderful holiday season where we are called to remember to pause, remember God’s loving provision, and give thanks. I hope you notice how this is a verb. Our expressions of gratitude must be active, not passive. Let’s look at Psalm 9:1 in its entirety since our graphic only shares a portion…

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

(Psalm 9:1, NIV)

The two operative pieces of this verse indicate that gratitude must involve your whole heart — the center of who you are in your physical and emotional life. It also involves sharing that with others; in other words, you can’t keep to yourself all that God has, is, and promises to do for you.

Will you take a moment this morning to pause, remember, and give thanks to God? Do it with all your heart. Find at least one person to share. It will put your faith into action and perhaps help another do the same.