From Worry to Worship // Philippians 4:7

Do you have anything going on right now where you mind is spinning like a hamster on a wheel? Is anxiety disturbing your sleep, disrupting your day, depressing your mood, and/or damaging your relationships? If so, have you taken it to the Lord in prayer? Doing so helps to unleash God’s supernatural power in your soul exceeding anything you could possibly imagine. If you need a prompt like reading a Bible verse, listening to a message, or worshipping in song, DO IT! Re-placing your focus is essential and can turn your worry into worship. Tap into the tools God gives us to get your head and heart connection realigned. It’s all about Jesus and remembering He stands far greater than struggle you might face. For as some awesome wisdom appropriately states, “It’s time to stop talking to God about how big our problems are, rather to tell our problems how big our God is!”