Follow to Lead // Philippians 4:9

Yesterday we looked at how Jesus put a positive and active spin on a teaching we now know as The Golden Rule. Jesus wanted His followed then, just as He does today, to put our faith into action and love God by loving others. We see a similar sentiment today from the Apostle Paul who taught to put into practice the things learned from him. I’m sure you’ve heard that imitation is the finest form of flattery. Do you think Paul wanted to feel flattered by knowing people were doing what he did and said? I don’t…at least not exactly. For Paul, it wasn’t about building his own following, but following Jesus. He knew that as long as he was modeling his life after Jesus, and his followers were doing the same, they were all living in the same direction. The key to today’s verse actually comes in the final phrase: the God of peace will be with you. Amen! Here’s your task for today: follow God as closely as you actually can so those who follow you are all connected by God’s powerful presence. It can give your life meaning (even when times are tough) and maybe even help save someone else’s life as they are introduced to the amazing and saving love of God in Christ Jesus! Let’s put that into practice, shall we?

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App