Follow Jesus’ Model // 1 Peter 3:15

Today’s verse is a great one for helping us navigate these crazy days in this cancel culture. People are always looking for a way to denigrate a life of faith. This isn’t unique to today by any means, but it seems to be hitting a new height in most of our lifetimes. Peter wrote in what we have as our verse for today something that can be quite helpful. Whenever you find yourself in a struggle with someone who doesn’t see the world in the same way as you, do these three things: 1) Remember Jesus IS Lord of the good times and tough times alike; 2) share your own story, because a personal testimony is hard to refute; and 3) remain gentle and respectful. Look for ways to find common ground and then show how we all can have Jesus in common. I hope this is helpful if you find yourself in a contentious conversation today. Above all, be gentle and respectful, because this is precisely how Jesus lived and lives still. Following Jesus’ model doesn’t mean you won’t face tough times, but you will have the faith to see you through them all.

July 20 Square
Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App