Flooded // Habakkuk 2:14

What is flooding your heart, mind, and soul today? Is it worry? Relief? Worship? Angst? We are flooded with more stimuli in a day than some people experienced in a lifetime. Everything that gets input into our lives can flood us with a wide ranging set of emotions…sometimes many back-to-back-to-back. It can be equally exhilarating and exhausting. True, we weren’t meant to live like so; rather, we are designed to live viewing all things through the awareness of God. This is the answer to everything that can loom in our soul causing us to worry and wonder. God is here, bigger than any crisis we can face, and ready to help. Will you let that knowledge fill your life just as waters fill the sea? After all, you can’t have a sea without the water! May our approach to living be the same since we cannot live without God. Be flooded with that knowledge in faith, hope, and love.