Everywhere! // Psalm 113:3

Focus in on the operative word in today’s verse — everywhere. King David wrote that the Lord’s name will be praised everywhere from east to west. Pay special attention whenever you see the Bible reference east to west in such a manner. The key idea is that all the barriers will be removed and it will go on indefinitely. You will note looking at a globe that when traveling north and south you will encounter a pole to cease going one direction and begin going another. That isn’t the case at the equator; once you embark upon such a journey, you never cease going one direction to start another. This is the idea of acknowledgment and praise that will one day encompass the earth. Everyone in eastern and western cultures alike will come to know God as creator, savior, and sustainer. Everywhere in all the earth will come to praise the name of the Lord. So let us not wait until that time, but rather start right this very moment, wherever you are, and in whatever you’re doing. Let’s praise our creation’s saving, and sustaining God everywhere and in everything.

Photo Credit: YouVersion Bible App