Even If Faith // Daniel 3:18

Yesterday I referenced the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from Daniel 3. This is when King Nebuchadnezzar ordered all of his subjects to bow down and worship his golden statue. Some of the Jewish persons in exile refused to worship King Neb’s statue out of their allegiance to the One True God. Today’s verse gives us two words that should steel every spine when we face life’s ferocious infernos: “even if.” Those two words from the three friends in Daniel 3 indicate a statement of faith greater than any other combination of words in all of our human languages. We know that God has the power and ability to rescue us from whatever we face, but there are times the rescue might look different from what we prefer. So even if God doesn’t meet your personal expectation of deliverance, rest assured His plan will prevail. The flames you face in faith might very well inspire others to act for God in ways that will inspire countless others.

The miraculous point of this story from Daniel 3 is that the three friends did not bow down to worship the king’s statue. Nebuchadnezzar ordered his furnace to be heated up seven-times hotter than normal (that is the Bible’s way of saying it was completely and perfectly hot) for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. King Neb looked upon the furnace to watch the friends perish, but they didn’t; in fact, they were protected. There was another in the fire proving God’s promise to be with us when we face the flames. And who was that fourth individual in the fire? A pre-incarnate Jesus Christ! Daniel 3:27 says, “the fire had not touched them. Not a hair on their heads was singed, and their clothing was not scorched. They didn’t even smell of smoke!” That’s God’s promise brought to life by the very author of life Himself!

That kind of miracle is not going to happen for everyone. Sometimes we will be consumed, but when that happens, trust God’s plan to make Himself known as a result. So as you take this Saturday to (hopefully) get a break from the flames of life, make a commitment to face whatever it is ahead of you with an “even if faith”. The flames might touch you, or they might not. Your hair might get singed or remain untouched. Your clothing might be scorched, or it might come out pressed and pristine. You might not even smelling of smoke as you emerge from the furnace; but even if you do, may that smoke rise like the pleasing aroma of a sacrifice to God to prove to everyone the power of an even if faith.

For more inspiration, check out these three powerful songs…

  • “Even If” by MercyMe: https://youtu.be/B6fA35Ved-Y
  • “Another in the Fire” by Hillsong United: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCzY-gyup70
  • “The Fourth Man in the Fire” by Johnny Cash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgWjWMS56Vc

Photo Credit: re-Ver(sing) Verses